How to sell Cryptocurrency

Selling Crypto with CoinHQ tutorial

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Before you make your first sell order with CoinHQ you will need to verify a bank account for us to withdraw the NZD to. You can do this by heading to the Bank Account section under settings.

Step 1

Head to the Marketplace page on your CoinHQ dashboard.

Step 2

Locate the buy/sell section of the page on the right and ensure that Sell is selected at the top of the section.

Step 3

See the image below with numbers corresponding to each instruction.

1 Select what coin you'd like to sell (you must have an active balance of this coin)

2 Enter either the amount of coin or NZD you'd like to sell

3 Select your bank account to receive the NZD

4 Click review to continue

Step 4

Review the sell order breakdown and click Complete Trade if you're happy and would like to complete your sell order.
It's important to check the Amount received section at the bottom of the breakdown as this is the closest estimate to the amount of NZD you will receive.

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