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Live estimate

Information on our live estimates when buying and selling

Updated over a week ago

Our live estimates are a way for customers to get a quick view on an estimation of what they will receive with their order. It does not represent what you will receive once payment is made and the transaction has been executed.

Crypto is 24/7/365

Crypto operates 24/7/365 a year and can be traded on multiple different exchanges. Because of this, each exchange will have a different live price, although often close, this makes cryptocurrency have an estimated live value. No centralized point of pricing exists. Cryptocurrency is a completely open, decentralized traded market.


When it comes to buying cryptocurrency through CoinHQ, we give you a live estimate of what the cryptocurrency you receive may be. The amount of cryptocurrency you receive will be confirmed and executed once we have received payment and sourced the cryptocurrency from the open market.
From the time of giving you an estimate, to receiving payment and executing the transaction sourcing the cryptocurrency, the market will move. This is why we can only provide an estimate and not a confirmed amount of receivable cryptocurrency.

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