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Fees when selling

Using CoinHQ is simple but behind the scenes many actions take place to make things easy.

These actions also incur fees in which we want to be as transparent as possible about.

CoinHQ's fee on all buy and sell transactions is 2%.

This 2% is made up of:

  • 1% transaction fee

  • 0.5% forex fee (FX)

  • 0.5% custody fee

You may also be interested in some information around the FX conversion that takes place when trading with CoinHQ and the crypto spot rate vs live rate.

Buying crypto

When buying crypto through CoinHQ, you will be shown the CoinHQ fee on the review order page.

Selling crypto

When selling crypto through CoinHQ, you will be charged 3 fees.

1. CoinHQ Fee

The 2% CoinHQ fee is applied to all orders

2. Bank withdrawal fee

Our banking partner charges us for each deposit and withdrawal from our bank account. For buy orders, CoinHQ covers the fee, but for sell orders we pass on a $10 fee to cover costs.

3. Network fee

The network fee is the transaction fee to move your coin from CoinHQ to an exchange to sell. This is a fee set by the blockchain that your coin operates on.

CoinHQ covers this fee to move funds into custody, but for sell orders we pass on this fee to move funds out of custody.

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