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How to move crypto from Binance to CoinHQ
How to move crypto from Binance to CoinHQ

Transfer crypto from Binance to your CoinHQ account

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Before we begin, ensure that you are logged in to both Binance and CoinHQ.

Step 1: Get a receiving address for CoinHQ

To start, we need to head to our CoinHQ account and get a receiving address to send the crypto to. We can get that by going to the receive page in the CoinHQ menu. Once there, select the cryptocurrency that you'd like to receive.

Once you select the cryptocurrency you'd like to receive, you will be provided with a wallet address or a Generate address button. If you see the Generate address button, click it.

You will now see a wallet address. Your wallet address will have an expiry so make sure that you send the crypto within the expiry timeframe. Next to your address will be a copy button, as pointed out by the arrow in the photo below. Copy your address.

Step 2: Transfer from Binance

On Binance, head to your Fiat and spot wallet.

Once there, find the cryptocurrency you are transferring and click Withdraw.

Paste the address that was provided by CoinHQ in Step 1. Ensure that the address that you paste is exactly the same as the one provided by CoinHQ, if it is different, you may lose your funds.

Select the network button and select the correct network for your cryptocurrency.

Sending crypto to CoinHQ on the wrong network will result in loss of funds. It is essential you use the correct network provided to you in when obtaining a receive wallet address.

If you're unsure, please contact support.

Once you have pasted the correct wallet address and selected the correct network, you can authorize the withdrawal. You will be required by Binance to authenticate the withdrawal request via email and/or 2FA.

Once Binance approves your withdrawal request, the crypto will be on it's way and should reflect in your CoinHQ account.

Deposits can take anywhere between 30 seconds to 1 hour to be confirmed in your CoinHQ account. Please wait before contacting support.

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