How to deposit cryptocurrency

Deposit cryptocurrency from an external source into your CoinHQ account

Updated over a week ago

To deposit cryptocurrency from an external source into your CoinHQ account, head to the Transfer - Receive menu option.

Now select the cryptocurrency you'd like to receive, then click the Generate address button.

You will now be provided with a wallet address to send your cryptocurrency to. When we receive cryptocurrency into that wallet, it will start the process of being deposited into your CoinHQ account.

CoinHQ does not charge any deposit fees. The amount that is received will be credited to your account.

You must read the instructions shown to you that will mention what network you must send the cryptocurrency on and if there are any minimum amounts that can be deposited.

If you're unsure about something, please contact support.

Deposit addresses are only valid for a certain amount of time. Please check and generate a new address if needed each time you deposit cryptocurrency to CoinHQ.

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