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Cryptocurrency spot rate
Cryptocurrency spot rate

Information about cryptocurrency live value vs spot rate

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Crypto spot price

Crypto is an open traded market where there is no single set price for each cryptocurrency. Often, websites and price charts will take the live prices from multiple large, traded cryptocurrency exchanges and create an average price, that they then declare as the live price of a cryptocurrency.

For example, Coinmarketcap, a popular cryptocurrency tracking website may show Bitcoins live value at $16,573.

This is an average of prices taken from multiple exchanges for example:
Exchange 1: $16,621

Exchange 2: $16,514
Exchange 3: $16,598

Exchange 4: $16,562

The rate that is charged when buying and selling through CoinHQ is the live market rate when your trade executes on the exchange that we supply cryptocurrency from.

This means, that although you can track the market average value of a cryptocurrency live, each exchange live traded price will be slightly different, sometimes higher or lower than the market average.

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