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How to set up MFA (2FA)
How to set up MFA (2FA)
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MFA is an abbreviation for "multi-factor authentication" or "multi-factor authorization." It is a security process that requires users to provide more than one form of authentication to verify their identity and access CoinHQ.

MFA creates a 6-digit code that changes every 30 seconds or so. To make transactions with CoinHQ, you will need to enter the 6-digit code provided by your MFA app when requested.

Step 1: Download Google Authenticator App

Use the link below to download Google Authenticator. You will need to access this app whenever making a buy or sell order with us.

iOS - iPhones

Android - Samsung and other android phones

Once the app is installed, open it and allow any permissions it requests. It may request camera permission; this is required to scan QR codes.

Step 2: Setup MFA

Head to your Security section of your CoinHQ account under Settings

Click setup MFA to start the process.

You will be presented with a QR code.

Open your Google Authenticator app and locate the plus button. Scan the QR code on the screen.

Once the QR code has been scanned, you will see a 6-digit code in your app, enter in the 6-digit code below the QR code.

The 6-digit code in your app will change every 30 seconds. Make sure that you enter in the code while it is valid.

Sometimes the code may be close to refreshing and it can be easier to wait for the new refreshed code to appear.

⚠️ Caution

Do not delete the Google Authenticator app. There is no backup if you delete the app, and you will need to reset MFA through CoinHQ support.

Do not share your authentication codes with anyone.

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