Account Limits

Information on our account limits

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Limits are something we must have for legal/compliance reasons. We've tried to make limits as simple as possible to understand and extend if needed.

By default, once you have created your CoinHQ account, you will have set limits applied. You can easily view these limits at any time while logged in here

Buy limits

By default, your buy limits are set to $50,000 NZD. At any time, you can apply for a raise of this limit by submitting proof of funds to CoinHQ.

We can also facilitate large orders via an over-the-counter (OTC) service. Please get in touch if you're looking to make a buy order over $insertamount

Click here for a guide on how to increase your limit.

Selling limits

Our sell limit is something you will not need to worry about unless you're looking to sell crypto through us that you have purchased outside of CoinHQ to the value of over $100,000.

By default, you can sell any of the crypto you've purchased through us, regardless of the value without any limit being applied.

For example, I buy 2 Bitcoin for $30,000 through CoinHQ, 6 months later those 2 Bitcoin are worth $48,000. I can sell this back for NZD without my limits being affected at all.

The only time sell limits need to be considered are when you are selling crypto through CoinHQ that you have obtained elsewhere. You have a $100,000 NZD sell limit of crypto obtained elsewhere.

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